Tilly Design Review

Tilly Design Review

Tilly makes it easy to access professional online landscape design through an all-digital platform. The process is simple, flexible, and much less expensive than working with a traditional landscape designer. It also allows for a contactless, COVID-safe experience. Tilly provides a professionally designed landscape plan, complete with a materials list and installation instructions, and they will even provide recommendations for installation contractors in your area. 
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How it Works

First, you create a profile, providing information about your space and how you intend to use it. Next, you can upload photos, videos and measurements of the project site. Then, you’ll be partnered with a Tilly designer, who will schedule a video call. During the call, you can host a virtual tour of your space, allowing the designer to “see” your property without physically walking it. Your designer will create a landscape design plan and send it to you for review. If needed, you can request revisions. Finally, you’ll receive a finished plan that you can give to a contractor, or use as a guide to do the work yourself.

Tilly Design Packages

Tilly Design has three main packages called The Front, The Back, and The Full. Every landscape design from Tilly includes:

  • 30-minute video (or phone) chat with designer
  • Full-color scaled plan of the project area
  • Complete list of plant materials
  • Hardscape materials palette
  • Site features inspiration images
  • Detailed installation and care instructions
  • One round of design revisions

Tilly offers add-ons such as 3d images and landscape lighting plans, or you can order a simple landscape plan for a side yard, patio, garden bed, fire pit, or walkway.

Tilly Pricing

Tilly's price points depend on two variables:

  1. the type of yard: front, back, or full yard; and
  2. the size of the yard: small (< 1/2 acre), large (1/2 - 1 acre), or estate-sized (1 - 2 acre)

Front Yard Only

A front yard design from Tilly starts at $429 for a small front yard. The large and estate-sized front yard plans are priced at $549 and $599 respectively.
Front YardDesign3D ImagesLighting Plan
Small$429 $329 $99
Large$549 $349 $99
Estate$599 $369 $99

Back Yard Only

A back yard design from Tilly starts at $629 for a small back yard. The large and estate-sized back yard plans are priced at $779 and $929 respectively.
Back YardDesign3D ImagesLighting Plan
Small$629 $379 $149
Large$779 $399 $149
Estate$929 $499 $229

Full Yard

A full front and back yard design from Tilly starts at $929 for a small full yard. The large and estate-sized full yard plans are priced at $1,179 and $1,579 respectively.
Full YardDesign3D ImagesLighting Plan
Small$929 $499 $189
Large$1,179 $549 $189
Estate$1,579 $629 $239

What to Keep In Mind

Tilly can provide a landscape design for yards up to two acres. If your yard is larger than two acres, you'll want to reach out to Tilly to make sure they can assist. One round of revision is included with each package. A second round of revisions may be made, if needed, for an additional fee.

How Long Does Tilly Take?

Before Tilly’s design process can begin, you must purchase a package, create a login, and provide photos, measurements and project details. This can be done at your own pace. Once the project details are complete, your Landscape Designer will arrange a video call. Following the video call, the designer will begin preparing your custom design. Design packages are delivered (online) within 2-3 weeks.

What Makes Tilly Different?

Tilly is affordable, customizable, national and all-digital. They are a great choice if you have a small project and don’t want the expense of a traditional/local landscape designer. Designs are fully customizable and personalized to your needs. Since Tilly is national vs. local, customers all over the U.S. can use the service. Another key differentiator is the all-digital platform, which is contactless and environmentally friendly.

  • Tilly has qualified designers in the US
  • Designers have years of residential experience
  • You get a 30-minute video call
  • Direct access to your designer
  • Plant delivery
  • DIY Projects
  • A la cart options

Special Features

Style Quiz

Tilly’s Style Quiz is a fun, easy way to determine your “Garden Style.” Simply click through the screens, choosing your favorite images of home exteriors, living rooms, kitchens, and of course, gardens, to determine which landscaping style you find most appealing.

Plant Delivery

Sourcing the right plants for your yard has never been easier. Tilly now offers plant delivery! They can build a quote based off of your requested plant list. For Tilly customers, this is the plant schedule that comes with your package. You can get discounted pricing by leveraging Tilly's partnerships (typically 10-20% below retail). Who wouldn't want discounted plant prices to go along with curbside convenience?

Tilly for Pros

Tilly works with landscape professionals as well. If you are a landscape professional without an internal design team or your design team is small and gets overwhelmed during the busy season, Tilly's design services can provide a great relief and help you stay competitive.


Tilly’s blog includes articles on popular landscape design topics, like fire pit designs, pool designs, and landscaping trends and tips.

In Business Since

Tilly Design was launched in February of 2019 by four best friends from high school, one a successful landscape architect.

Tilly Reviews and Reputation

Tilly Design has a 4.7 out of 5 on Houzz and has received dozens of recommendations on their Facebook page, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. Here are a handful of actual Tilly Design reviews:
"Wow! We are literally BLOWN AWAY! You transformed it from a house to a home and I cannot wait to see this plan come to life."
"Tilly was so easy to use and I was able to file the plan to satisfy my village’s requirements. I could not be happier with the end result."
"Tilly heard all of our ideas and put together the most amazing plan. We have already excavated our front yard and are on our way to having the prettiest house on the street."

Tilly has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Denver’s 5820 Magazine, Hudson Valley’s HV Mag, and The New York Times.

Tilly's Chief Landscape Architect was named to Forbes Next1000 and recognized as one of Veranda's Revolutionary Landscape Designers.

Tilly received the Good Housekeeping Exceptional Landscape Design Service award in their 2022 Home Renovation Awards.

Before and After Pictures

We LOVE before and after pictures. See more before and after pictures from Tilly Design.


Tilly is an affordable, easy-to-use online landscape design company that provides personal service and exceptional value to its customers.
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