Best Online Landscape Design Service

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Best Online Landscape Design Services

There are many companies offering online landscape design services these days and it can be difficult to sift through the options. We've compared the offerings of top online landscape design companies and put together the chart below to help you make an educated decision.
  • Low End PriceLow End Price
  • High End PriceHigh End Price
  • SpeedSpeed
  • 2D Plan2D Plan
  • 3D Plan3D Plan
  • Talk to a Designer?Talk to a Designer?
  • Plants ListedPlants Listed
  • Lighting PlanLighting Plan
  • Rounds of RevisionsRounds of Revisions
  • Tilly Design

  • $375

  • Low End Price$375
  • High End Price$775
  • Speed2-3 Weeks
  • 2D Plan
  • 3D Plan+$285
  • Talk to a Designer?
  • Plants Listed
  • Lighting Plan+$100
  • Rounds of Revisions1
  • Yardzen

  • $649

  • Low End Price$649
  • High End Price$1,495
  • Speed3-4 Weeks
  • 2D Plan
  • 3D Plan
  • Talk to a Designer?
  • Plants Listed
  • Lighting Plan
  • Rounds of Revisions1
  • Home Outside

  • $199

  • Low End Price$199
  • High End Price$2,000
  • Speed5-6 Weeks
  • 2D Plan11"x17" (Legal Size Paper) Printable Color PDF
  • 3D Plan+$400
  • Talk to a Designer?Phone or screenshare calls to discuss your project goals and review your draft design
  • Plants ListedYou will receive general plant suggestions such as “small flowering tree,” “6-foot evergreen hedge,” etc.
  • Lighting Plan
  • Rounds of Revisions

Editor's Choice

Our choice for best online landscape design company is Tilly Design. Their price is amazing and their designers are top notch.

How do you know who is best for you?

While online landscape design services are less expensive than the traditional design firms, they are not cheap! Price is a factor when choosing who to hire for your landscape design, but not the only factor.  We hope the chart above helps you decide who is the best fit for your project.